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    MC EXTRA CHEESE: THE 40-YEAR-OLD RAPPER is a single-camera comedy series following the misadventures of MC Extra Cheese, an Oregon transplant living in Brooklyn, New York, and his best friend and producer, DJ Nappy G.

    On his 40th birthday MC Extra Cheese (MCEC) realizes time is slipping away. He still hasn’t achieved his dream of worldwide stardom and things with his girlfriend Peggy are not going well.

    The outlook brightens as Sir Richard Branson and Vergen Records offer up a record contract. MCEC and Nappy G now confront the pressures and pleasures of the music business. Each episode’s high jinks lead them toward valuable lessons about friendship, music, and life itself.


    creator and executive producer F. Bowman Hastie III
    produced by Darien Sills-Evans
    co-producers Gordon Clay, Stephen Fuller
    director of photography Alex Watson-Eng / editor Stephen Fuller
    original music by Gordon “Nappy G” Clay and M.C. Extra Cheese
    developed, written and directed by Darien Sills-Evans

    Starring: MC Extra Cheese, Nappy G, and Elizabeth Dennis

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